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Master’s in Educational Psychology and Counseling
with an emphasis on School Psychology and a
 Pupil Personnel Credential

Naama Cameron has 20 years of experience working
in the child development field as well as coaching parents and families.


Assists with simple struggles or behavior specific challenges.
Consults with teachers on classroom management.
Consults with parents to improve parent to child dynamic and child and child dynamic.


Coaching may vary from improving day to day communication within the family to a more focused approach for behavioral challenges.
Parent coaching often includes understanding how the child thinks and the implementation of limits and boundaries, which are imperative for healthy relationships throughout adulthood.



Attends social situations (i.e. playdates) and models appropriate techniques for interactions with peers and family.
Improves communication and interaction in social situations and play struggles.


Designs proactive possibilities for the child in a variety of situations with family and peers.
Focus is on providing the child with the skills necessary for a successful journey towards self-confidence and behavior management.
Employs effective and positive discipline systems vs. punishment